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Dentistry in Plano TX - Dr. Christine Hopkins

Relaxing. Soothing. Comfortable. These are some of the words that come to mind when you enter the offices of Dr. Christine Hopkins at Advanced Dental Center. Do you desire a dentist in Plano Texas who offers healing and restoration in a peaceful, warm setting? With Dr. Hopkins, your care rests in the capable hands of a doctor whose education and experience makes her practice one of the most advanced in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Congratulations to Dr. Christine Hopkins, voted to Super Dentists as recognized in Texas Monthly.

Whatever the condition of your dental health, Dr. Christine Hopkins' skill in the areas of cosmetic and restorative dentistry rejuvenates your smile and ensures the function and beauty of your teeth for years to come.

Does your smile suffer from chipped or cracked teeth, missing teeth or gum disease? When your smile is not healthy, your self-esteem suffers as well.

Start changing your life today by contacting the Plano, Texas office of Dr. Christine Hopkins to schedule a cosmetic consultation today. You may find that a beautiful, perfectly functioning smile is just a visit or two away!

Your Practice

Before starting treatment you will have the opportunity to sit with Dr. Hopkins and discuss your goals for your oral health. This meeting gives you a chance to develop a relationship with Dr. Hopkins and ask her any questions you may have about the future of your teeth and gums. Dr. Hopkins is a Prosthodontist, which means her education and experience extend beyond those of a general dentist. Your treatment will be conducted with the highest possible medical standards, the most advanced technology and techniques, and the greatest emphasis on your comfort.

Our Philosophy

A beautiful smile is incredibly important. Equally important is the long-term functionality of your teeth and gums. Your excellent dental treatment depends on a dentist Plano like Dr. Hopkins, who believes achieving both goals is a must for success. The team at Advanced Dental Center knows that your oral health greatly impacts your overall physical health. That is why they strive to educate you about excellent hygiene to ensure the best possible outcome and long-lasting restorations. Contact this Plano dentist today.

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